By bats | February 20, 2009 - 4:05 pm
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…or one small psychotic cat!

[I don’t know why I’m doing so many mash-ups the last few days.  I guess spending five days at an S.C.A. event, followed by several more of paperwork having to do with the event, has me really jonesing for PhotoShop.  I wonder if there’s an AA equivalent.  Or if I can get money for being a poster child or something…]

And lest anyone think otherwise, Mark Trail doesn’t just ball up his fists and punch.  Violence is not the first option, or the second.  Mark examines the evidence, considers implications, suggests alternatives, investigates solutions…

…and then he punches somebody.

[I loved the 21 and 23 February panels.  While Mark is very likely agreeing with Forest Service Same about the sorry state of the economy, his brusque responses immediately caught me as something to the effect of “Ask me if I care.”, and “Oh, boo hoo — cry me a river, Sam.”.]

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