By bats | March 15, 2009 - 3:32 pm
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And like in a sentimental way, not a crazy cat-lady way!  Dean Booth over at his new blog site, Dean’s Comic Booth, said some very nice things about me and this site (“master of the Rex Morgan mashup” is a compliment, right? Right?), and more folks have been coming here as a result.  Advertising works!

Thanks, Dean!  Your site is keen (not Keane), and if you haven’t checked out Dean’s antics, please treat yourself:

Since I didn’t have a really good place to put this, I’ll stick it here:

Please note that in this Sunday’s RMMD, Guido is sporting some fantastic-looking skin tone!  He’s apparently of Latin heritage at last, as opposed to being the sad victim of some congenital, jaundice-producing syndrome.  The panel above demonstrates the new and improved Second Officer.

Of course, you know this won’t last!

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