By bats | April 6, 2009 - 10:02 pm
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Will the treachery of Ted never end? His grandiose plans are falling apart — or are they?  Were they a clever ruse to flim-flam the Cory clan? Oh, yeah — who cares?

Ted’s turn of phrase called up a plethora of 80s music fans at Comics Curmudgeon, no doubt distracting the moon-struck Adrian. Second only to this was the mysterious shading on Ted’s face, an unmistakable harbinger of doom (or merely pointing to the fact that Ted is a messy, messy eater). CC’s One-Eyed Wolfdog bemoaned the fact that if Ted does something weird, like change into a wolf, it had better not end up with a wolf in tweed clothing and a stupid pencil mustache.

But to paraphrase Chinatown:  “Forget it, Wolfdog. It’s Charterstone.”

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