By bats | April 10, 2009 - 12:25 pm
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It’s been far too long (but not long enough) since Dolly graced us all with her delightful malapropisms.  If the Keane Klan were living in the modern age, as opposed to the Middle Ages, she would’ve been in speech therapy 30 years ago (which is two years in Keane-time).

(Jeffy’s own “illumination” is my contribution to the bubble.  I also love his expression, a subtle (and probably unintentional, considering how these creatures seem to have a whole crayon box of 8 facial expressions) reaction to Dolly Spew Speak.

And for the rationale behind this one, I can only heap the blame upon credit CC’s Sequitur.  Explain it? I don’t think I can:

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