By bats | April 18, 2009 - 5:57 pm
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…you little snaggle-toothed pinhead.

Mark and Cherry both speculate that the men who stole your camera might be bad guys.  I don’t think that either of them go about blithely and consider the general public a Mongol horde, so what possesses you to vigilante action, Rusty?

Why don’t you just run home and tell Mark and Cherry where the men are, Rusty?

Or are you just as greedy and conniving as those men, Rusty?

Maybe you don’t deserve to be the Trails’ adopted little boy.  They’re good, upstanding members of their little woodlands community, Rusty.  Can you ever hope to measure up to them?

Probably not.  The greatest service you’re ever likely to provide to Lost Forest is as a breakfast for a grizzly one cold April morning.

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