…or weird, earnest looks, either!

When we last saw our intrepid he-men, they were celebrating Judge Alan Parker’s retirement.  I like to think (just because this little mashup needs a back-story), that Randy Parker realizes how easily friendships can fade away, and he resolves to keep them strong! (And he gets bored having lunch with Sam Driver all the time.)

Panel 3 is the original: expression, words, bold type, you name it.  Panel 5 is a paraphrase of the original, with Rex asserting to Sarah that we have to help other people “…now more than ever!”, accompanied by Rex’s icy-blue stare of sincerity.  I swear, it was like a PSA for, um, something!

Update or something…: I couldn’t leave Randy & Co. at the Fern Grille without using yet another fabulous Rex reaction shot.   After this little soiree, Randy’s eating lunch at Subway.  Alone.  From now on.

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