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During the whole “Queenie and the Tramp” storyline, while Adrian Cory falls further and further for con-man Ted, Mary has been mysteriously absent.  When Adrian needs counseling, she turns to her father!  Mary only reappears after Ted has been apprehended and Adrian and Jeff’s long conversations have resolved Adrian’s fears — clearly trodding on the toes of What Mary Does Best.

Where has Mary been? Detox? An extensive Meddleholics Anonymous retreat? ‘Nam?  To give the grand old dame her due, however, Mary attempts to insinuate herself into the mop-up operations of Adrian’s unhappy affair. (Note how Mary uses modern jargon, like that ultra-hip “wow.”, to lure Adrian into a false sense of security.)

Nevertheless, once Mary is “back on the scene,” it’s all meddlin’ business for her!  Then again, could we expect anything else?

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