By bats | June 10, 2009 - 4:44 pm
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I need to be more discriminating. I don’t need to mock every half-assed comic strip that comes down the pike. Even if it’s screaming and pleading and holding its breath until I pay it some attention.

Maybe it’s not the strips I’m mocking — maybe it’s the writer (yeah, I’m looking at you, Tom “Canihazaccolade” Batiuik). Knock off with the dead chick — if you liked her so much, maybe you ought to have revised your story and allowed her to be a cancer survivor: I’m sure you’re familiar with that concept.


But wait! There’s more! Nothing like a whole weeks’ worth of Fun on the Roof!


(It’s astonishing the number of folks at CC are hoping for Les and/or Funky to do a swan dive onto the sidewalk by the end of the week…)

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