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(Well, Wolverine is tres cool.  We just saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine at the cheap seats  (one thin buck after 9 PM!)…mmmmmmm.)

Everyone has a little mutant in them; sometimes he just needs a mentor to help let it out. Or talk. Or make fun of a current storyline.  Like “Horndog” and Wolverine.


Or Meddler and Wolverine.


[Yes, you really DO see Hugh’s ass in Wolverine!]

Sure, Sabertooth might be Logan’s brother, but it’s a very obscure fact that Ian Cameron (aka, “Narwhal”) is a distant cousin.


Kind of like the real X-Men, the number of mutants is staggering, particularly at Charterstone (it’s like Professor X’s Home for Craptacular Mutants), including the lovely Toby Cameron, aka “Velour”:


And last but not least, a one-time denizen finds her way back, lost and confused.  So much for being a smarty-pants, eh, “Prodigy”?


Meanwhile, Mary (“Meddler”) just loses it altogether…


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