By bats | July 18, 2009 - 10:54 pm
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Finally! Out of the summer sun, the heady, fresh air, and away from that dreadful Charley Smith! At last Mary and Delilah can talk calmly¬† and reasonably, like two adults, about the very same crap they’ve been hashing over for the last three weeks! O rapture!


I think if Mary’s going to have any influence on Delilah, she needs to treat the girl like one of Rex Morgan’s patients — do NOT let her wander off! Outdoors! Particularly by herself!

I know you love to worry and fret Mary, but there needs to be a little less theoretical hand-wringing and a little more hands-on grabbing and holding on tight and maybe some ropes involvement, too.

Oh, yeah, trust your own instincts, not some Canadian busy body — remember:¬† Meddle in the U.S.A.!


Still, maybe this distraction on Mary’s part has a deeper meaning:


You know, sometimes a happy ending (well, the kind Mary Worth is angling for) just isn’t possible.

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