Or, when life gives you a naked, wet, dripping Jeffy, make shameful, ruthless fun of him.

So, the 15 July 2009 Family Circus has little Jeffy answering the door naked and telling the unlucky woman on the stoop that his mother is giving him a bath and maybe she ought to come back later.  Ha. Ha.

Funny thing, Jeffy was in the same position as Becky was in the Sunday Funky Winkerbean (yes, that Funky Winkerbean).  Nice to know that if Becky can’t answer the door, we have a dependable substitute:


And there’s always just making fun of the strip (ahem) at hand:


And lest you think the Morgans’ cruise to the Bahamas or Barbados or Bora Bora or Barcelona is going well, think again:


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