By bats | July 21, 2009 - 1:47 pm
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…the more would-be sluts will slip through your fingers.”

I think this was the line in the R-rated version of Star Wars.

Anyway, I think both Mary Worth and Lawrence the Famous Lecturer-Husband are finding this out the hard way.  Okay, Delilah does call Lawrence, and the conversation is punctuated by nasty scowls on Lawrence’s part and snarky commentary made to his wife (no kidding…look up the 20 July 2009 strip).


And making Delilah into a U.S.D.A. Grade-A Tramp? Is it fun? You bet it is!


[In the event that you’re having a difficult time deciding, Delilah, Mooncattie would like it known that his car is paid for.]

This being Mary Worth, the conversation goes on and on and on.  In real life, someone would’ve hung up by now.   But it makes for keen mashups!


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