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There’s been much speculation on Delilah’s new outfit:

  • Assistant to a supervillain.
  • Stewardess on the Concord (hence the grape color).
  • Erstwhile auto mechanic.
  • Pole dancer in her “Grease Monkey Lube Job” routine’s costume.

All of them commendable, I think, but I’m going for another exciting episode of The Craptacular X-Men.


Well, we did know that this argument would really lead Delilah to Charley’s, and it’s likely that the Jumpsuit of Virtue will protect her.  Still, like Logan on the park bench, we can dream…


One can only hope the purple jumpsuit was one of Lawrence’s favorites as well…

The 27 July 2009 strip had only two panels, with Delilah crossing her fingers behind her back!  I know she’s young, but does she still believe that doing this absolves or protects a person from the consequences of telling a lie / being caught in the middle of an illicit sexual liaison / the heartbreak of psoriasis?  I don’t think she’s being coy, but rather hiding her pre-coital glee:


Other cool aspects of the 29 July strip is the unusual angles, like this one (where you can imagine Bob the Maintenance Man smiling to see just what Delilah is hiding) and a “smoke alarm cam shot,” as Charley opens the door.

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