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If this is the end of the storyline, why the *&$#*$ is it taking so long?  Really, Moy and Giella, it was a lot more entertaining watching Charley putting the moves on Delilah rather than Lawrence basking in the glow of a mindless audience that probably does a lot of post-2 AM ordering of merchandise on the Home Shopping Network.

I’m really hoping that the plot is NOT a tidy wrap-up of Twue Wuve bringing Delilah and Lawrence together.  Boring and unrealistic (but we are talking about Mary Worth, aren’t we?)…


Hmm, I’m not even interfering (for once) and a lot of Lawrence’s facial expressions and comments seem anything but exuberant at the prospect of Delilah “dropping in” at his conference/seminar/snake oil pitch.  Could be his naturally detached personality.  Could be trouble in Paradise.

Me? I’m hoping for the latter.


And it goes on and on!  I swear, if I heard some clown warbling Rogers and Hammerstein in a hotel corridor, Security would be up there in a minute.

Fortunately, it looks like Delilah might soon have *things* well in hand.



Meanwhile… CC’s Darrenh noticed the foreshadowing of Events to Come with Lawrence sensuously sliding the key card into the lock.  He wasn’t the only one:


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