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Josh, The Comics Curmudgeon himself, got a huge shout-out in the 12 August 2009 Pearls Before Swine strip.

So, let’s mash it!  (The first four panels are exactly how the 12 August strip appears…pretty darn cool.)


And anticipating the metric buttloads of new visitors to Josh’s site, faithful CCer Sequitur thoughtfully created a Newbee Quiz so everyone can get on the same (comics) page quickly:

Hi (from Hi & Lois) uses a computer program to do his taxes. He uses
(a) Bat Taxer
(b) Tax Bat
(c) bats :[

Mary Worth makes a delicious treat for all the residents of Charterhouse. It is
(a) Onion circles
(b) Salmon squares
(c) Dingo balls

In Pearls Before Swine there’s a character that resembles a goat. He is called
(a) Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong
(b) Goat
(c) True Fable

There was a pet raccoon in Mark Trail. It’s name was
(a) Wolverine
(b) Sneaky
(c) buckyswife

Curtis’ brother, Barry, pisses into a
(a) hide-a-head
(b) toilet
(c) commodorejohn

Liō has a pet
(a) shop
(b) squid
(c) AeroSquid

If raccoons are not careful they could get
(a) bent
(b) chained to a log
(c) Joshed

There was once a discussion on this blog concerning goats. What part the the goat anatomy was discussed?
(a) horn
(b) teat
(c) Poteet

Of course all the answers are “(b).”

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