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Let’s see what’s happening in Lost Forest:

Barrels of toxins dumped…perpetrator found…perp shot by real perpetrators…perp-turned-victim taken to hospital by Mark…Mark returns to the scene of the crime…


real perp loses way in forest…Mark and Andy find him…perp shoots at Mark in a tree and misses…perp shoots at Mark on a ridge and misses…okay, you’re all caught up:


Faithful CCer buckyswife has become quite philosophical (and not just “feel-good” philosophical like Lawrence McChopra, either) about some of the more esoteric aspects of Mark Trail:

As some have noted, The Man Who Tried to Warn Joey Williams looks a lot like… Mark.

So is this the Star Wars moment, when the elder Trail, who veered from good (nature writing, punching hirsute villains) into evil (wearing orange, using his gun as a communications tool), reveals his identity? “Mark…. I am your father, Mark…..”

Of course, the news won’t send Mark into an existential crisis, a downward spiral of self-doubt and depression. No, he’ll just say, “Holy mackerel! What are you talking about?” and forget about the whole thing by the time the pancakes are on the table for dinner that night.

Maybe buckyswife is being a little too critical of Mark’s abilities (or inabilities) to think.  Then again, maybe not:


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