By bats | August 23, 2009 - 7:34 pm

I am officially through with Delilah and Lawrence.  (If they rip each others’ clothes off, if Lawrence has a massive coronary during the family-making, or if Charley bursts into the hotel room for a hot three-way, I could be persuaded to return.)  However, This Story Is Over, whether Moy and Giella want to admit it or not.

I really thought today’s Mary Worth would be a very welcome Charterstone Pool Party (yeah, how sad is that?). Nope, more Delilah and Lawrence.  So, for no good reason than to compare and contrast this tense, unbelievable relationship with another tense, unbelievable one on the comics pages, Ms. Moy’s dialog is surreally dropped into 23 August 2009’s edition of Funky Winkerbean.

Compare.  Contrast.  Hurl.  Do what you will.


Okay, so it’s not dialog you’d find in a French arthouse film or a Bergman classic. Check out The Comics Curmudgeon’s “Friday One-Liners” thread for CC’s very-disturbed (read, my hero!) AeroSquid’s take on those.

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