By bats | August 28, 2009 - 12:03 pm

Mark your calendars: a Family Circus that is vaguely amusing.  Little Jeffy (#2 son in every sense of the word) complains to his mother, “Aw, Mommy! ‘My Brother’s Clothes’ really isn’t a brand name, is it?”  Maybe he’s not the clod that we thought.

Not that I’m going to pass up a golden opportunity to mash up a picture of pantsless Jeffy:


And come to think of it, there is a strange resemblance when Jeffy isn’t quite put together:


CC’s own Alfred E. Neuman, intrigued by this startling revelation, conducted a short but hard-hitting interview with Mommy Keane and Ziggy.  It’s worthy of a spot on “60 Minutes,” I think:

AEN: Ziggy and Jeffy have remarkably similar coloring. This suggests the possibility that Ziggy is the father. Do either of you think that is possible?
Thel: Ida know.
Ziggy: Not me!

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