By bats | September 10, 2009 - 11:18 pm
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Back in Santa Royale,   Dr. Adrien Cory’s beau has proposed marriage, yet they both decide that they don’t need to rush into things.

Oh, did I mention that Scott Hewlett (beau-in-question) is a detective or cop or some officer of the peace that you just know has become a marked man in the upcoming Santa Royale heroin turf-war.  Nice knowing you, Scott.

In the meantime, CC’s mvg thought it might be cool that Scott, like cops of old (read, 1970s and 80s television cop shows and cop films) had a partner.  And who more unlikely (tapping into the formula of unlikely partners) than our old friend, Charley “the Perv” Smith?  Oh. Yeah.


All the blank space made me itch a little, so indulge me a word balloon or two:


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