By bats | September 16, 2009 - 7:38 pm
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Meanwhile in Cancerville, Les and Susan are being castigated by the members of the PTA for Susan’s choice of the fall play at Westview High School (Home of the Fightin’ Polyps!).  Eh, who cares what the play really is?  I’ve got a couple of Playbills here that would run rings around just about any choice these dinks might come up with.

CC’s AeroSquid found this likely candidate:


Meanwhile, here’s a tribute to the PTA spokesman, Mr. Buzzcut “Buzz” McHamNads:


[If you want to laugh up a lung with potential play titles and canceriffic high school musical lyrics, check out the comments at The Comics Curmudgeon’s “Cancer? That’s hilarious!” thread, ]

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