By bats | September 16, 2009 - 7:49 pm
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Time and space have folded again in Santa Royale, and Dr. Adrian Cory, who was presented a diamond that evidently was mined in a plutonium deposit only last night, has decided, SEVERAL WEEKS LATER, to start wearing it.   Not so much wearing it, but flaunting it like some cut-rate Marilyn Monroe.

Funny, when I was taking a surgery class a long time ago in college, just about any kind of ring was an honest pain in the butt and always had to be removed before scrubbing up for surgery.  Which leads to all sorts of speculations as to where Adrian keeps it when she’s working or whether Adrian works at all, or merely wanders the halls of the hospital, looking  for someone to ooh and aah all over her ring.  I’m thinking in another day or so, the folks from Hazardous Waste or the Radiation Department are going to corner her and cut off her finger…if it hasn’t already been fried off by gamma rays.

Speaking of radioactive personalities:


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