By bats | September 22, 2009 - 4:29 pm
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Things are a-hoppin’ down in Lost Swamp.  Those rifle-shots? Alligator poachers!  And damned nasty ones, too! Mark is down for the count with a barky stick across the back of the head.

Even worse, the poachers decide to leave him on the ground — gator bait!

Meanwhile, Rusty sleeps on.


Thank heavens for
(1) “Raccoon Patrol!” and
(2) CC’s buckyswife, who, if she isn’t an executive for some high-powered television/entertainment corporation, SHOULD BE!  Not only did she see the promise in bringing “Raccoon Patrol!” to the fall TV line-up, but she pitched a great family-oriented program:  Rusty and Sassy take their trailraft and escape the dangers of Lost Swamp, only to have week after week of thrilling new adventures!  (Hey, like that caveman show last fall was a brainchild of Albert Einstein!)


Of course, the FOX network gets the most violent (and coolest) shows, as scrounged up professionally promoted by CC’s AeroSquid (admit it — you’d watch this, wouldn’t you?):


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