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…but she’s as dumb as a post and doesn’t deserve mention (aside from Keep your freakin’ hands away from your freakin’ eyes, you dumb-ass!).

And this is a representative but rather conservative number of times DOCTOR Adrian Cory has touched and poked herself and/or others in the past four weeks’ worth of strips (one week being fairly absent, as Jeff Cory was schmoozing with the comatose Scott).


Anyway, the tedium in this current story can’t even be salvaged by comically-flailing limbs.  It seems that each and every plot point (e.g., Mary telling Adrian that her talking to an unconscious Scott was the reason he awoke) that might take one day’s strip to convey is being padded out into three or four.  Sure, the epileptic hand gestures are amusing, but they’re getting old.



I don’t think this could be helped even by full-body interpretive dance.

Moy and Giella, please please please move on.


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