By bats | November 15, 2009 - 2:36 pm
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Baldo (yeah, I don’t read it either) has been doing fairly regular PSAs for diabetes prevention and control:  Papi (Baldo’s grandfather, I think) has it, and his granddaughter keeps offering him helpful advice.

One tidbit was to laugh and keep in good humor, and so Granddaughter invited over some of the “funny neighbors”:  Ziggy, Hagar the Horrible, Jason Fox, Lio and his squid Ishmael, Broomhilda, Herb (or Jamaal).

Oh, the potential laff-riot there.

(Dean Booth’s take ( ) was to invite a better calibre of neighbor:  Lio, Ishmael and Jason made the cut, but they were joined by Rat, Agnes and Alice Outerloop.  Definitely a better party…)

Still, the whole Exercise Thing is really stressed in diabetes management, so I figured Papi needed some of that, too:


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