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I’m pretty sure I’ve used “I know these things.” when it comes to alternative dialog for Rex Morgan, because like some doctors, Rex has bought into the physicians-sitting-comfortably-somewhere-between-God-and-His-angels malarkey absolutely 100%.

The 20 December 2009 Rex Morgan strip is golden.  The Morgans have just returned from the Odyssey (aka, a three-day Caribbean cruise) to find a slobby cousin of June’s parked in their house, messing up the place and on the phone at all hours.  It’s the making for some fun, and there’s a number of funny lines, thanks to Rex.  One that stands out, strangely enough:


Oh my gosh! Have I been channeling Woody Wilson and/or Rex Morgan unknowingly?  The evidence, starting with a very early mashup:


Real medical advice from the Good Doctor:


And apparently it’s genetic (scarily enough, this is another Woody Wilson line verbatim):


Eerie similarity? Sheer coincidence? You decide!

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