By bats | March 9, 2010 - 11:16 am

It seems not so long ago that Mark was canoeing to Ben Miller’s Hidden Lodge on the Lake ( ).  It seems he’s doing it again! But just when you think that strips are being recycled within a couple of weeks, let’s play “Find Six Differences!”:

1. Ben is wearing deck shoes, not heavy woodlands boots!

2. His daughter is diving into the lake!

3. There are no woodland creatures staring mindlessly at the lake (or at Ben’s daughter)!

4. Ben has changed his shirt (it was white; now it’s hazard orange)!

5. “Ben, Buzz; Buzz, Ben.”, rather than “Ben, Mark; Mark, Ben.”!

6. Something else, I’m sure of it.

Whether you find the last difference, I think we can all agree that Mark sure loves to canoe!


Then again, what are the odds we’re really going to see a nubile young woman swimming in Mark Trail?  What are those Powerball odds?  Yeah, you go and drop a couple of bucks on that — it’s way more than a sure thing.


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