By bats | March 24, 2010 - 4:38 pm

I try to avoid Luann.  I liked high school a lot, but I never saw the point of being there for 25 years, like Luann and her buddies have, nor have I thought that there were enough hijinx to last that long (OTOH, Archie has been managing that for 50 years or so).

Anyway, blonde WASPY Luann has been cast as Maria in the spring musical West Side Story and has been given pointers (ahem) by Australian-exchange student Quill.  The most useful?  An ancient Chinese fortune-cookie piece of tripe proverb:  Sing to toes, sing through nose.


Yeah.  Whatever.  Be useful, Quill. Spout platitudes.  Maybe when you go back to Dingo’s Kidney, New South Wales, you can become the Aussie version of Mary Worth.

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