By bats | May 1, 2010 - 11:38 pm
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Oh, Mark, you’ve done it again.  I haven’t thought much about harvest mice since my college mammalogy class, and probably only then because they are the smallest types of mice (only a little bigger than shrews). But not only do I mash on you:


but I look up photos of the sweet little things (even if that’s a bunch of very large berries, that’s still one very small mouse):


and find out, with the intensive farming methods used today, the British harvest mouse lives in a very dangerous habitat, its round ball of grasses that serves as a nest no match for machinery.  Fortunately, clever Brits have discovered that old tennis balls from Wimbledon make sturdy manufactured housing for the wee ones in various wildlife preserve areas:


Of course, there are always a few that are somewhat more militant in defending themselves (“That’s no moon…”):


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