By bats | May 27, 2010 - 4:14 pm

So, June’s cousin Brook lands a tidy little job, only to be mugged with the day’s deposit on the way to the bank.  While I’m wondering who the perp might be:

  1. Niki from New Orleans, reverting to a life of crime since Rex doesn’t pay attention to him anymore;
  2. Cue, golf course squatter;
  3. Lee the Felon, because he’s a known Bad Guy;
  4. Max “the Ax” Mallory, because the bottom has dropped out of the Injury Lawyer biz; or
  5. Second Officer Guido Tomas, because the bottom has dropped out of the human trafficking biz.

we suddenly have a meet-up with a fresh, new face (well, figuratively speaking)!


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