By bats | June 13, 2010 - 11:38 am

I think that many of the serial comics move too slowly, and the suspense is drawn out for too long.  Yes, suspense can add a lot to a plot, but a number of these plots are thin at best, and “suspense” only allow the mind (well, my mind) to wander…

Oh, yeah, my point:  when Aristotle Popitinpotitoutalot receives a phone call, who knows who or what might be on the other end?  Coy comments really don’t help:


(I also realized after having done this mashup, the first four panels have a nice little shock value, without having to worry about a plot.)

Sly chit-chat on the phone + a visitor who warrants a precious ejaculation =


Let’s just take this to its logical conclusion, shall we?


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