By bats | June 25, 2010 - 11:07 am

in your heart of hearts, you just know this strip isn’t going to deliver anything as funny/sick/twisted as you can possibly imagine.


Okay.  Maybe “nausea-inducing”:


Did I say “nausea-induding”?  How about “out-and-out barf-spewing”?


At least in the color version, “Billy the Bookworm” is Caterpillar Green, not something like Throbbing Phallic Fuschia or something like that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanddddddddd…let’s wrap this up with a little girl talk (for the record, all I did was recaption the strip — no messing with the illustration):


Let’s see.

Dead horse.  Check.

2×4.  Check.

End of the week.  Check.


Really, Luann.  Really.  No one cares that you saw a guy naked.  Really.


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