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The USPS has issued a series of five stamps honoring the comic strips.

Let’s just say of the five chosen, as far as I’m concerned the Post Office is batting .200 (with the Calvin and Hobbes selection).  Needless to say, I’m not buying these because I like way less than half of them.

BUT! Oh, my gosh.  If you’re a regular reader of Josh Fruhlinger’s The Comics Curmudeon blog, you’ll know that today’s entry (“Friday One-Liners,” 7/16/10) is so chockful of great “shouldabeen” stamp selections that you’ll laugh up a lung, or some unidentifiable bits of something.   (A premoistened “Marvin” stamp! A totally black “Funky Winkerbean” stamp!)

CC’s Boojum pretty much capped it:

The Calvin and Hobbes stamp may be neither bought nor sold, but must be received as a pure gift. Properly applied, it can deliver not only the letter but the sender – immediately and free of charge – anywhere he or she can imagine: the planet Glorg, a snowy hillside, or the place where cooties are born. Its best and truest use, however, is to return the sender to childhood, and thence into a future of infinite possibilities. It is, always and forever, a First Class stamp.


Check out the entire merry thread:

Anyway, there’s just not enough stamps in the world to honor that which should be honored.  So here’s a very limited-run series of Rex Morgan, M.D. characters.  They weren’t around for long, but nuts to that.  And because he’s a doctor and knows these things, Rex has contributed some health and community-building insights that he’s garnered over the years on the golf course in his medical practice.


And not that anyone would use these stamps once they’d purchased them:


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