By bats | July 18, 2010 - 6:27 pm

…Funky’s alive, and back in Westview.  You think he’d be happy seeing his loving wife Holly.

Evidently, Holly went to the hospital cafeteria and didn’t bother to put a “Do Not Disturb Patient” sign on his door.  Dean Booth has already ushered in a number of “well-wishers” (I’m saying this, only because the only other alternative is that random people in Funky’s room are looking to steal his wallet or any other items of value).  To see them:

A few others have slipped by hospital security, too.  One is a fellow who’d argue against all those people who think Funky is a terrible, terrible father:


The other is one of the hospital’s own angels of mercy, although”zombie” of mercy might be a little closer to the truth.  Hang onto your brains, Funky! (Mary, dear — please go have your meds adjusted.)


And I don’t think it could really be Funky lying there if there weren’t a few maudlin drop-ins.  (Plus, I think this has real potential as a television series.)


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