By bats | August 13, 2010 - 11:41 pm

I was really hoping to finish up “Mommy’s Excellent Vacation” (PJ’s the only sacrificial victim left, if you’ve been keeping count), only dumb little Jeffy stole the spotlight again, this time with a pair of bathing trunks that got away.

Not that Jeffy naked is any great shakes (his being naked is getting to be a hallmark of Family Circus, much like hand-secks is for 9 Chickweed Lane), but given the looks of horror from onlookers, it seemed to make more sense to have Jeffy facing them rather that facing away from them.

Of course, the unfortunate term “Midget Porn” also comes to mind:


Among the curminions at The Comics Curmudgeon, there were also some references to the Floating World, aka Shunga.  Look it up.

And, oh yeah, you wish…


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