By bats | October 24, 2010 - 2:10 pm
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As the Comics Curmudgeon Josh F. mentioned today, could there be anything more cool than Mark Trail tarzaning his way over a razor-wire chainlink fence?  Yes! Gubernatorial hopeful Frank Johnson KICKING his stepdaughter’s pet fawn, in front of God and everyone! (Even more important, a Senator!)

I’m thinking the Fist o’ Justice is going to get a workout, but just in case it doesn’t…


No matter what happens next, Frank, you are dead.  D-E-A-D.

Politically, maritally, you name it, you’re a decomposing smudge on it.

UPDATE: 22 October 2010 — a day that will live in the annals of Mark Trail making no sens whatsoever (“I maybe not get another chance to do this!”   Huh?).  But not that is really matters.


I <3 you, Mark Trail!

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