By bats | April 18, 2008 - 5:02 pm

…and belligerent and stupid, too. Rex and Co. are trying to shed some light on the MRSA outbreak, only to be repeatedly shouted down by yahoos in the audience hollering “How do we kill it?” (Well, it’s more like “HOW DO WE KILL IT?”).

Josh from Comic Curmudgeon invited folks to use this catchy little phrase in any number of situations ( ), and the folks came through; read through the commentary to catch some of their excellent efforts. One CC’er wondered if the entire Foobiverse could be caught in the cross-hairs, as it were…maybe not all of them, but some (hey! a three-way squeeze!).

It hinked me out to deal with this very creepy hybrid “thing” (heck, it hinked me out to read the original Lio strip — shades of the old Steve McQueen classic, The Blob!), but I’m tough.

And mucho affection for Mark Tatulli, who does Lio. Our favorite naturalist made a two-day guest appearance this week — It. Was. Great.

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