By bats | April 21, 2008 - 11:45 pm
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Happy Earth Day! I’ve started my under-the-counter earthworm composter (no big action yet, but it doesn’t smell bad, either, so I think things are working). Everyone in Toon Town was busy honoring the Earth, it seems.

[Vermicomposting update (23 April): I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to see if the cupful of nightcrawlers from Wal-Mart were dead or alive, so I dug around in the compost bin with my bare hands (ewww!). There are only a few worms (from what I could see), but Jiminy Christmas, one’s the size of a freakin’ SAND WORM, and it moves as muscularly and determinedly as one of them! I should be getting my pound o’ nightcrawlers in the mail today or tomorrow, so with any luck, I’m gonna be hip-deep in worm poop in very little time. I might not be able to control the Spice, but I envision some degree of controlling the nightcrawler castings…]

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