By bats | January 10, 2011 - 4:03 pm

I’ve always been of the opinion that if a person really, really, really wants to be a scapegoat, it’s very nice to oblige them.

Extra points if you happen to be a succubus.


Triple points if the scapegoat is a certifiable, card-carrying (or ought to be carrying a card) jackass.


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    January 10, 2011 @ 5:53 PM

    Oh, I’d pay good money to watch Les getting tased. Classic.
    When I saw the original, I wondered how the daughter knew about these little examples of jackassery. The only answer must be that her dad is such a huge ass that he comes home and regales his daughter with tales of his clever bon mots.

    Posted by Rimpy
    January 10, 2011 @ 9:01 PM

    Kind of like Frasier Crane. With even less class… 🙂

    Posted by bats