By bats | February 4, 2011 - 11:30 am
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I thought I was all inspired with a Mark Trail/Mary Worth mashup…and I just seized up.  I think the cold weather (17 F as the low — in TUCSON! — the past two mornings) have frostbitten my snark.

Feel free to have at this.  Maybe I’ll choose a few good ‘uns and insert them — we can be the new Moy and Giella/Nolan and Wilson/Batiuik and Johnston of the snark pages!


Great Googly Moogly! Folks have stepped up to the challenge!  Faithful reader (yay!) Rimpy has a rather horror genre feel to it:


Ned Ryerson offers one that even Tobey Cameron can puzzle out:


Red Greenback always knows what to say. Too bad Mary doesn’t (not that it stops her, mind you):


And Écureuil Écumant’s offering harkens back to a Sunday Mark Trail, in which Mark extols the economic and commercial value of ganja hemp:


Really, I don’t know what to expect from HAMMY THE SQUIRREL!, but I have to admit that this doesn’t surprise me (and it makes me laugh, too):


THANKS to all the folks who helped Mark, Mary and Jeff have their say!

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