By bats | May 17, 2011 - 10:35 am
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…but then again, Les would probably want to have a deep, meaningful talk with my ghostly self.

So it seems that Les’ cash-cow dead wife Lisa’s story (cleverly entitled Lisa’s Story) has been optioned for a movie.  I’m so hoping that it’s one of those direct-to-cable Lifetime-esque crisis-of-the week-things.  I’m certain, though, that since Les is such a Great Writer, it’ll be a Hollywood blockbuster.  His kid mentioned something about being in 3-D.  Maybe it’ll be like The Wizard of Oz (in the use of “special effects,” color vs. black and white), 3-D when Lisa is still healthy, back to 2-D following her mastectomy.  (Yeah, that’s a nasty comment, but this entire, years-long plot has been pretty nasty, too.)

I think that if Les tries to contact Lisa after he’s made the beast with two backs with Cayla (yeah, Les and Tom, a real Writer coined that!), that Lisa refuses to chat with him…

Woohoo! Epiphany Time! Maybe Les LIKES to wallow in self-pity and grinding, relentless grief! He is a Writer, after all!  And Writers are supposed to suffer, right?

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