By bats | June 29, 2011 - 3:33 pm

Be professional!

I admire cartoonists/illustrators/artists who can produce work on a very constant, rigorous schedule — it can’t be easy, particularly when one is cartooning less and illustrating more (like most of the folks who work on serial comics like Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, etc.).

But gee whiz, take a step back and LOOK at your work.  Mis-sized heads set at weird angles make an interesting scene laughable.  (aka, Where can I buy a Lu Ann bobble-head?).

And while the Keanes have been phoning it in for some time, there’s some real artistry here and a sense of movement,  muscle tension and orientation between two bodies.  Unfortunately, there’s an innate creepiness with Daddy holding a resistant Dolly (kind of looks like our cat Tobu when she sees the nail clippers…).

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