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A local church has gone one better (or weirder) than other churches that actively discourage kids from celebrating that heathen/pagan/Wiccan/Satantic/dentists’ nightmare (or dream come true) known as Halloween. Instead of a “Fall Fair” or a “Harvest Shindig,” it’s having a “Halloween Jesus Festival” (I kid you not).  I guess it must be okay, because I’m fairly sure something with both “Halloween” and “Jesus” on the same banner would immediately combust otherwise.

Of course, time’s awasting, and everyone knows Cool Costume = Great Treats!  Hey, Jesus, whatcha gonna wear?

Okay, the one for the big day.  Just remember…He’ll be back!

I don’t know this counts as a costume, if you’re just riding the bike without wearing a leather jacket or boots or something.  Still, pretty stylish for quick getaways… (

Simple and sporty…and it’s the weekend! (

Maybe  “group costumes” are a possibility, but you usually have to have someone more willing than an old grump like Saint Peter to play along…

Every little kid’s dream at some point.  Ride ’em, Cowboy! (another figure attributed to

Well, it’s not like NASA is using them right now…

Supposedly, these fabulous action figures come from the company We Are Fishermen (  Real or not, a board and some baggies, and you have a super Halloween costume…Cowabunga, Big Kahuna!

And sometimes, you can take things a little too literally…

A little more literalism…

Here’s another piece of art that I found on the Intertubes…coool!

Tucson City Elections this year are all mail ballots!  I know I’ll need Special Help to remember not to lose the ballot when I get it (they were mailed out yesterday) AND to remember to return the ballot in time.

Dang…evolution has GOT to work!

Next on “Pimp my Savior”…

Simple and to the point. (artist unknown)

I know there’s a movie or a comic book out there that’s something like “Jesus Christ, Vampire Killer,” but I like this much better!

It’s the weekend, and it seems if folks aren’t playing sports, they’re watching sports.  I don’t know if we’re currently in hockey season, but any time is good for a pick-up game.
And the old saw: Jesus saves, but Gretsky scores on the rebound!)

Sometimes you can just get too caught up in trying to make a decision, about anything.  There are times when you have to remember everything will work out, relax, and hey — it’s Friday! (photo courtesy of

It’s true, you know!

I think more guys should wear tights.

Wanna see something REALLY scary?!?

One costume I never wore…probably because my mom would’ve killed me.  Jesus’ mom is probably a little more understanding.

This is the kind of costume you wear to a party (perhaps even a “Halloween Jesus Festival”!), rather than out trick-or-treating.  It’s an interesting concept, but it really interferes with the legwork needed to do justice to good Halloween hunting and gathering…

I have no idea who the artist is, only that this is a lovely piece of graphic art!

There’s something to be said for casual — Hawaiian shirts, a bulky cardigan sweater, and White Russians.  Again, I don’t know the artist of the original Dude.

Everybody loves pirates, don’t they? Lovable rogues off on high adventure, stealing from the rich and just, honestly, keeping it for themselves. Okay, everybody sing:

“Yo ho, Yo ho,
A Savior’s life for me!”

Another beautiful piece of art by an unknown artist.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Brilliant guy, as are so many who don’t quite fit the mold, or who have other things to do than just be fashion plates.  I think even He might consider some of your innovations a miracle…
(original artwork (minus glasses and pocket protector) from

I can haz Savior?

It’s Sunday, and even if we can’t get to a Gospel meetin’, we can at least do a little walkin’ through Graceland…
(and the artist is Cora Lynn Deibler — this is a detail from her “Elvis and Jesus” work).



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