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A wonderful hallmark of Mark Trail is its consistency:  there will be giant animals, and stilted dialog, and Mark Trail spouting stilted dialog about giant animals.  What else can you ask for in this crazy, frenetic world?

The Comics Curmudgeon’s [Old Man] Muffaroo tossed us Forest Friends a magical thing today:

…a special meta-feature for all you true fans out there! A look inside the creative minds that bring you your sequential art, day after day:


1. Giant bird on a branch
2. Giant birds flying
3. Giant squirrel looking up
4. Huge close-up of Kelly Welly
5. People standing around talking
7. Distant shot of Dinkyburg
8. Giant… gopher!
9. Huge close-up of Mark
10. Pancakes
11. Fist o’ Justice!
12. Huge close-up of Kelly Welly again
13. Giant quail
14. Cephalopod doing anything
15. Marmaduke on the couch again!
16. Driving the station wagon
17. Somebody listening to another person talking
18. People standing around not talking
19. Walking through the forest
20. Giant squirrel on the ground
21. Elrodball
22. Rusty… in danger!

Inspired by Muffaroo’s comment, I figured it was time to issue Card #2 in the Mark Trail Bingo! series.  (You can find Car #1 here: ).   I still may have to tailor a Bingo! card specifically based on Muffaroo’s keen observations:

And yes, YES, YES! I did do a Muffaroo Special Edition! (I have no life, but I still manage to enjoy myself.)


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