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Mark’s been in the woods, looking for clues that might exonerate his fishing pal from the MURDER! of a rival fishing camp owner.  Of course, the folks at The Comics Curmudgeon have been offering their help.  What could have Mark found in the woods?

Biv Alves offers a Mighty, Mighty Non-comprehensive List of Things Mark Might Have Just Found:

.30-06 shell casing with Gene’s thumbprint on it
.30-06 shell casing with the Widow Chavez’s thumbprint on it
.30-06 shell casing with Andy’s paw-print on it
.30-06 shell casing with Lucky Buck’s hoof-print on it
A contact lens
His wallet
A used condom
Two used condoms
Two turntables and a microphone
Two gelflings in a walnut shell
A raccoon chained to a log
A broken arrow tipped with a .30-06 bullet
A blowgun modified to use .30-06 ammunition
A fully functioning and anatomically correct Type I Mark Trail, complete with emotion chip, buried in in peat since the end of the Pleistocene
The Axis Mundi
The Rainbow Bridge
Jimmy Hoffa’s mummified jimmy
Funky Winkerbean‘s sense of fun and whimsy

Horace Broom‘s valuable insights:

Barney Google
A slingshot designed to fire a .30-06 bullet
A slingshot designed to fire a .30-06 bullet with Dennis Mitchell’s thumbprint on it
The missing episodes of Doctor Who
The missing episodes of Sunday Night At The London Palladium
Peter Parker’s heroism
The Unnamed Token Gay Guys “celebrating” that they were allowed to the prom
Summer and Kiesha “celebrating” that they were allowed to the prom
Cherry and Kelly “celebrating” that they were allowed to the prom
Two carnivorous slugs (that may or may not be “celebrating” that they were allowed to the prom)
Rex Morgan’s understanding of the Hippocratic Oath and/or medicine
A rare orchid
A rare orchid that the dead body apparently landed on and killed
A note from Gene’s mother, excusing him from ridiculous plotlines

Biv Alves‘ further speculations (Biv in en fuego!):

Also, unmodified, original-cut editions of the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray
A mint copy of the premier January 3, 1977 newspaper Spider-Man strip showing him being bitten by a radioactive jackass
A partially submerged 1966 Chevy Sportline van covered in faded psychedelic flowers containing the skeletal remains of two men, a woman, a hermaphrodite, and a Great Dane.
Mark’s libido
A bird’s nest containing a large egg encrusted with precious jewels, apparently scavenged somewhere by a childless songbird

Der Schnärkïnätör adds:

A pair of balls with little red hearts painted on them.

While Dennis contributes More Things Mark Might Have Just Found:

The 1987 Denver Broncos
The Good version of Godfather Part 3
The giant Steve Allen pog from that one episode of The Simpsons
ALF pogs
pogs with pictures of .30-06 shells
Becky’s other arm
The Lost episode of Bonanza where Hoss puts on a dress and starts singing “put on your old grey bonnet with a bow.”
27 tags to John Cena

And Illustrator Steve is a tad more succinct (and highly likely):


Whew! While I came to the conclusion that Mark’s discovery just HAD TO BE one of these, today’s strip genuinely seems to be zeroing in on the suspect:

Can you imagine how much more quickly Mark could solve these mysteries and return home to his beloved Cherry Rusty Pancakes, if he’d only listen to US?!?

(Oh, and the folks at CC are some of the funniest people in the world!)

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