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As I may or may not have mentioned, I volunteer with our fair city’s (actually, our fair county’s) Friends of the Library.  Usually the donations ‘n’ discards are nothing to write home about, BUT we just received as a donation (not library discard, so not chewed up beyond all time and space) of Tijuana Bibles, by Bob Edelman (it’s good to be in charge of the “erotica” section!).  It’s a hardback copy, and it traces the history of these filthy little works of arts in the 1930s-1940s.

There’s a large section dedicated to parodies of comic strips of the period, so you can see Jiggs gettin’ Jiggy with it, and Li’l Abner and Dagwood, plus other folks, like the Fuller Brush Man.

Interested?  It’s in good condition (a few small tears in the actually there dust jacket!), and I’d like to get $12 for it; that would include Media shipping via USPS.  All proceeds go to the Friends of the Library, which funds lots of programs in our area (the largest being the Summer Reading programs for kids, teens and adults), so if you’d like to add to the amount, I won’t refuse your generosity.  Drop me a note here.

[I also work in the A/V and  the Graphic Novels/Manga section (amazing what I’ve been able to weasel myself into/campaign for as Interesting Topics!), so if you might be looking for something in particular or I find something weird ‘n’ cool, I might post things in the future.]

UPDATE:  I think I have a buyer…no, wait! There he is!  CC’s ribinin grabbed this little beauty and the USPS delivered it on his birthday (complete coincidence, but it’s still a cool thing).  Thank you for supporting FPCPL, sir!

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