By bats | July 9, 2008 - 10:02 pm
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The “new” strips are back in the Foobiverse, and they finally are touching on all the fun and excitment of a wedding!

I just want to know why Liz, “Miss Hair-in-a-Bun 24/7” has her hair DOWN while Dee is working on cannibalizing raping mangling updating her grandmother’s wedding dress. This is the one time that her hair should be tucked up and away so poor, stupid, “if I do a really, really good job, maybe Elly will like me” Dee has half a chance of not having to cope with hair and pins and crap. I guess it’s to show off how well the Creatrix can draw an attractive and graceful human figure.

Of course, big noses are funny, so look quick, kids! It’s back to bulbous beezers and gargantuan asses tomorrow!

(If you didn’t see the original on 6 July, it was an awesome deluge of treacle.)

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