By bats | August 7, 2012 - 10:25 am
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One of the hallmarks of BMcE’s cartooning style is drawing women (and a number of men, like Amos, who might be a woman) with very non-discernible chins.  So, after all these years of seeing Edda and other Burber women without much of a jaw, I really did think the first depiction of Edda in the 7 August 9 Chickweed Lane strip was a wardrobe malfunction, not a glimpse of her jaw (gasp!) and tip of her nose.  Granted, it was a little subtle for the artist, but I really did believe that.

(Fun Fact of the day:  There are a few very primitive fish with no jaws that still survive.  Fancy-pants people refer to them as agnathids, but reg’lar folks just call them things like “lamprey” and “hagfish.”  I wonder if fancy-pants also try to link the etymology of the name Edda to the word agnatha.)

And since she’s being booted out of the ballet company, maybe it’s just best to throw bouquets.  Shine on, you crazy diamond!


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