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You know, I don’t think there’s been an exciting Mary Worth episode since Drew (Man-Whore!) was caught two-timing Vera and Dawn. That was over a year ago. Since then, there’s been sad-sack Drew (Man-whore!) discovering that Vera’s moved on; Mary finds a lost dog and returns it to its owner; and Mary reminisces about her incredibly non-incredible childhood. I wouldn’t mind a serial if there were at least a prize in it (HAR!).

So it seems Ron is a Thing of the Past, and whiny-but-constant Jeff is the once and future platonic boyfriend. Geez, if it were even a little more tepid than what we all think it is, I’d be happy…kinda like this.

Of course, Jeff’s probably Old School Me-Tarzan You-Jane, and for being The Man, Mary’ll probably have to do the compromising. At least she’s got some scruples…

Well, I can sort of call ’em.  Mary and Jeff are reunited! And heavens to Betsy! There’s even an affectionate moment! They touch! Each other!  (Of course, all of us with dirty minds can imagine what goes on after we’ve spent our requisite 30 seconds each day in the Charterstone universe…)

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