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Does it get any better? Max “the Ax” Mallory, Personal Injury Attorney, realizes that HE might be harboring the MRSA source in his own basement! Screaming at his kid and wife over his cell phone, driving like a nut-case, being seen by Rex (and a cop, too!) — well heck, does it get any better?

You bet! Rex calls Andy! (And no, I didn’t make any of this up — this all happened over the last week of strips. I couldn’t make this sh*t up! But I can embellish it!)

Hmm, well.  The action-packed panels of last week, with Max Mallory breaking several traffic laws while trying his damnedest to have a coronary arrest while he does so brakes to a snail’s pace with more chit-chat between Andy and Rex.  Not that I mind, since I love Andy’s long-suffering stance and comment in Panel 1, and it also showcases Rex’s keen, analytical thinking.


I’ll just go and add a bit here, since Rex’s Big Plan is to do some Junior Detective Work (complete with Dick (snort!) Tracy Crime-Stoppers code ring, no doubt). I’m just waiting, while he and Andy are on the phone, for Mrs. Mallory to spill the beans to the cop, and for a Haz-Mat squad and every last firetruck in Morganville U.S.A. to run over Rex.

I have to admit that Rex skulking around corners has a certain, moronic charm, though, and something Even more unexpected could happen…

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