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I volunteer with our fair county’s Friends of the Library.  Sometimes you get lucky.  And then sometimes someone dies and his/her estate is donated, and you find yourself with old comics paperbacks.  Not necessarily good ones, either.

But since a lot of us have bits and pieces of masochistic streaks running through us, I’m proudly offering:

Channel Chuckles by Bill Keane (that’s what it says on the cover — the title page has the more familiar Bil Keane signature):  a little water-damage, this paperback dates to a 1973 printing by Scholastic Book Services.  Nice to know that SBS’s standards improved when it signed on to distribute those funny little Harry Potter stories.

The Family Circus (“that hilarious cartoon family everyone is talking about”): 1966 printing of a Fawcett Gold Medal paperback, when the kids were still really fat-headed, Thel still had her original ‘do and Sam the Dog was still wandering the streets, homeless.

Any masochists out there? Interested?  $5.00 gives you both thin volumes of rip-roaring humor that you’ll swear you’ve see before.  All proceeds go to the Friends of the Library, which funds lots of programs in our area (the largest being the Summer Reading programs for kids, teens and adults).  Drop me a note here.

Also let me know if you’re interested in unusual comics collections/graphic novels/weird stuff.  I can’t promise you anything, but then again, you never know.

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